Establishment of Foreign Information, Consultancy, Service Center

External information is activity which actively supplies oriented information to diffuse the Party and State's policies about national foreign affairs. Phu Tho province has been developing together with Nation’s development. Therefore, foreign information affairs are not only requirement but also important conditions to contribute to provincial socio-economy development.

Being clearly defined that the purpose and position of the foreign information affairs is propagandizing Phu Tho’s image to oversea countries; Recent years, the Party Committee, People’s Committee, People’s Council of Phu Tho province have had close orientation of foreign affairs in general and external information in particular on three fields: Foreign affairs of Party, piplomacy of State, foreign affairs of People, aiming at active autonomy in international cooperation and integration.

According to the point of view that boosting the foreign information affairs and local propaganda, provincial People’s committee has instructed function departments to perform in various forms such as: Conferences, workshops, tours, investment promotion,  publications...; to turn supports of diplomatic organs into advantage in order to attract foreign investment, NGOs aid… As a result, the foreign information affairs has brought practical results in the integration, changed fundamental perceptions of state’s organs, businesses about important role of the external information. Besides, provincial foreign affairs has been more active, positive in many different sectors which in accordance with guidelines and policies of our Party and State. It also has positively contributed to the goal is socio-economy development and social security guarantee of the province as well as improving the knowledge among local and international organizations. Cultural, education, delegations exchange programs... indicated abroad investors about the provincial potential, strengths, investment opportunities.

Up to now, Phu Tho province has been 53 programs, NGOs aid projects with total  of approximately 9-10  millions $US, in which the annual budget is estimated at 4, 6 to 6.5 millions $US; 100 FDI projects witha total investment of over 520 millions $US; and 16 ODA projects with total capital of 13.37 millions $US. These projects contributed to local socio-economy development, unemployment solution, poverty reduction and gradually improving the quality of rural people, ease poverty in a positive way.

Decision No. 3544/QĐ-UBND on 12/31/2014 about the establishment  of Foreign Information, Consultancy, and Service Center which belonged to the Phu Tho Department of Foreign Affairs was issued by Phu Tho People’s Committee to effectively boost international  integration, foreign expansion, external information in order to attract external resources to serve for provincial socio-economy development.

          Foreign Information, Consultancy and Service Center (FICSC).

There are 03 specialized divisions: Administration - Synthesis department, Specialization department,  External information department. Function of the center is  implementing the foreign service in the form of information consultancy, directly performing foreign services activities to promote international cooperation in various fields, individual organizations. In addition, the Center provide information; propagandizes, introduces foreign affairs, economics, culture of Phu Tho province; provides information on the legal person status, financial capacity of local and foreign partners to meet the demand of organizations and individuals; and provide advisory services for the sector. The Center gives consultancy and services on numerous sectors; receiving, deploying and managing NGOs aid projects, supporting local people according to law’s regulations; implementing immigration procedure, passports, visa for who have legal requirement;consulting, instructing foreign agencies, organizations to establish representative offices, project offices in the province; consulting, organizing investment promotion in oversea countries; translating, interpreting legal documents, cooperative investment projects, aid projects, conferences, international workshops for requirement of organizations and individuals; consulting organizations and individuals on the conditions and procedures of the immigraion in accordance with strict law’s regulations; coordinating with the related agencies to organize conferences, fairs, international workshops; consulting labour, employment, study abroad which in accordance with law; cooperating relevant agencies to organize orientation, courses, improve knowledge of foreign economics, languages, international relations specialization to serve for the provincial foreign affairs;

The Center leaders believe that the center is going to be a reliable provincial destination in performing external information propaganda; it will support the implementation of foreign affairs; consult, supply foreign services, economy, culture, and and management of non-governmental aid abroad and other foreign services to meet the needs legitimacy of these organizations and individual citizens expatriates and Vietnam to promote international cooperation in the province. The establishment and operation of the Centre will contribute to the province's foreign activities more effectively, creating tremendous momentum, boosted the process of renewal and international integration of Phu Tho province.


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