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Green Pearl Island Tourist Area – the Symphony of Earth and Heaven

1. Geographical location

Located 70 km away from Hanoi to the Northwest within La Phu Commune, Thanh Thuy, Phu Tho, Green Pearl Island is one of the key tourist areas of the Ancestral Land. Green Pearl Island ecotourism area was built on an a roughly 65 ha area on an alluvial ground reinforced through decades in the middle of the green and poetic Da River. As a floating alluvial ground in the middle of Da River with an underneath mineral hot spring having the highest reserve in the whole country, Green Pearl Island, as it is called, is truly a green pearl of the city.

Green Pearl Island attracts visitors by its rich and attractive ecotourism complex consisting of community entertainment areas, a luxurious resort, a physiotherapy area, a swimming pool area, a mini golf court, a tennis court, restaurants and a folklore art performance stage.

An Overview of Green Pearl Island tourist area from above

  1. Sight-seeing

The dinosaur park:

With the dinosaur figures of many types built in the right proportion, visitors will get lost in a prehistoric zone which can only be seen in the movie “Jurassic Park”.

The Long-necked dinosaur figure at the Dinosaur Park

The figures of 54 ethnic groups: With the restoration of the figures of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups with costumes and clothes conforming the prototype, including the most popular ones such as Kinh, or Muong, or even Bana, H’Mong, beside beautiful photos, tourists can also obtain in-depth knowledge about the identity and culture of Vietnamese peoples.

The lively figure of 54 ethnic groups

The beast garden: Tourists will have a chance to make friend, feed and take pictures with friendly animals such as deer, ostriches, pheasants or wild horses.

A beast figure at the Beast Garden

3. Services

- Events

Seminars, conferences: Wide conference room system with a maximum capacity of 40-70 seats and a large hall room for 400 people will help visitors organize events from small to big. All rooms in the system are supplied with air conditioners, projectors, water and modern acoustic system to bring a great comfort to customers.

Campfire - arts: Every evening upon customers’ request, the hotel shall provide diverse performances with its professional art team.  Besides, campfire service is also available at the hotel for BBQs or outdoor activities at night.

- Resort and healthcare services:

Mineral bath service: The nature has favored this place with a wonderful source of hot mineral water pumped from a 80 m depth underneath which contains many health-benefiting and healing trace elements. Besides, 36 physiotherapy rooms invested with modern equipment also contribute to the formation of the prominent Green Pearl Island in Thanh Thuy hot spring tourism complex.

Along with the entertainment area, it is the rich mineral hot spring running under the alluvial soil that make Green Pearl Island different from other ecotourism area. This hot spring is the basis for the construction of the mineral bath garden with a hot swimming pool and a cool one where travelers can soak themselves in the refreshment of the mineral water.

The mineral hot spring underneath the alluvial soil

Massage and reflexology: Well-trained, professional staff will provide the customers with enthusiastic and thoughtful services, bringing about a feeling of relaxation and comfort after stressful working days.

Sauna and herbal bath rooms: In the resort, there are also the sauna and herbal bath rooms in combination with massage and physiotherapies with the purpose of improving customers’ overall health.

- Hotel and Restaurant

The hotel system is equipped with 3-star standard equipment and continuously upgraded and renovated rooms giving visitors a relaxing and comfortable space. The rooms have an elegant and polite decoration with beautiful view to the river or the pool area at the hotel center.

Kim Cuong Hotel at Green Pearl Island

A class 1 room of Kim Cuong Hotel at Green Pearl Island

Restaurant - F&B Service: Ngoc Trai Restaurant with a wide range of traditional and modern dishes, including a variety of local specialties will serve customers with interesting culinary experience. The rich menu with a clearly-listed prices will satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Ngoc Trai Restaurant at Green Pearl Island

The water park game complex: swimming pools for adults and children, twisting tunnel slide, thrilling slide, etc.

Games at Green Pearl Island

The entertaining game complex:  the dodgem cars, the giant sun wheel, the 3D cinema with interesting effects, etc.

Thrilling game complex: Pneumatic rotating tower, roller coaster, crazy wave, flying to the universe, etc.

The thrilling game complex

The kids’ zone: Beside the games for adults, children will also be able to enjoy themselves with many games such as: the ball house, bounce house, royal train, etc.

The kids’ zone

With favourable conditions and the infinite human imagination, Green Pearl Island deserves to be the first choice for everyone to enjoy an exciting weekend.


Contact details for tour booking and necessary services:

- Service department - Phu Tho Province Tourism Promotion Center: 0210 3852.888

- Green Pearl Island Tourist Area, Thanh Thuy District, Phu Tho Province;

- Tel: 0210 655 8822, 0968 910 998 Fax: 0433 880 907

- Email: aovuajsc@gmail.com; Website dulichdaongocxanh.av@gmail.com


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