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Vuon Vua Tourist Area – A Luxurious Resort in the middle of Nature



Vuon Vua is the ancient name of the project area. It consists of a main hill called Doi Vua at the foot of which stays Bach Thuy Lake - one of the largest natural lotus lake of Vietnam with an area of nearly 70 ha.

Looking through Bach Thuy Lotus Lake from Doi Vua, the three mountain tops of Ba Vi - Tan Vien Son can be seen with their magnitude and sacredness. Legend has it that this once was the place where Hung Kings often roamed, enjoying the beauty of the nature and was the center of Phong Chau - the capital of Van Lang (the ancient Vietnam) under the reign of the 18th Hung King (Hung Due Vuong). From this sacred place originated the stories of Mi Nuong and Tien Dung, the two princesses who got married to great husbands, Nguyen Tuan (or Son Tinh - the Mountain God in the tale of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh (the Mountain God and the Water God)) and Chu Dong Tu (in a famous tale about the love of father and son), which are well-known to every person in Vietnam.

Thus, Vuon Vua resort is proud to be a sacred land of outstanding people full of prosperous energy with a precious historical value handed down by the ancestors for generations.


Vuon Vua Resort & Villas lies on a nearly 86 ha land in Vuon Vua area, Bach Thuy Lotus Lake in the three communes of: Trung Thinh, Dong Luan and Trung Nghia, Thanh Thuy District, Phu Tho Province, adjacent to Hanoi and separated by Da River, behind the mountain range of Ba Vi.

From Hanoi the Capital, taking Thang Long Highway, travelling pass the Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism to Da Chong (K9 Relic), then crossing the 2 km Dong Quan Bridge - Da Chong Ferry across Da River, visitors will reach Vuon Vua, which is about 65 km to Hanoi. For visitors taking National Highway 32, the distance will be about 85 km, passing Trung Ha Bridge and Thanh Thuy District to Vuon Vua.

Currently, the travel from Hanoi to Vuon Vua Resort & Villas project area by the route Thang Long Highway - Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism - Tan Linh - Da Chong - Dong Quang Bridge is only about 60 km, taking about 50 minutes.

In the coming time, with the geological distance advantage from the project to the tourist areas of Phu Tho Province and Hanoi such as: Hung Kings’ Temple, Mau Lang Suong Temple, Thac Da, Suoi Tien, Khoang Xanh, Ao Vua Tourist Areas, or Thanh Thuy Mineral Hot Spring Complex, Vuon Vua Resort will be a highlight in the ecotourism resort destination chain of Ba Vi Region, attracting a high amount of domestic and international tourists.


Vuon Vua Resort & Villas is a unique and beautiful natural complex, a gift endowed by the Creator and the ancestors with the preserved natural features which are not only green but also ancient and pristine. The total area of the project is 886,991 m2, of which over 75% is the water surface of the lotus lake with an eternal and pure source of water from the upstream in the jungles and mountains of Thanh Son.

Bach Thuy Lake is the oldest and largest lotus lake of Vietnam. On the lakeside stands a hill called Doi Vua attached to the legend of the 18th Hung King who came there to build a royal garden for walking and enjoying the nature’s beauty. In the lake, there are some small floating island which are also natural bird gardens. When the season comes, thousands of storks and many species of birds will gather together at this place.

Facing Doi Vua to the East, 3 km as the crow flies across the immense Bach Thuy Lotus Lake is the three peaks of the great Ba Vi Mountain, home to Duc Thanh Tan Vien (one of the four immortals of Vietnamese mythology). The location of Doi Vua and Bach Thuy Lotus Lake is the best one for visitors to admire the majestic and sacred beauty of the three “Forbidden Mounts”. From every point in the area of ​​Bach Thuy Lake, visitors can capture the most beautiful photos of these three great mountain. Located 2 km from the Lake to the South, there is also Mau Lang Suong Temple - a famous national relic. It is a holy temple where Duc Thanh Mau (the Mother Goddess) is worshipped with a stone on which remain the kneeing footprints of the Mother when she gave birth to Duc Thanh Tan Vien, one of the four immortals of Vietnamese mythology.

Especially, Vuon Vua Resort & Villas inherits the unique hot mineral water resource of Thanh Thuy and Phu Tho mineral hot spring resort complex. The mineral water here has a temperature of nearly 50 °C with a unique physical-chemical feature in healing and health recovering especially good for aged people. The quality of Thanh Thuy hot mineral water has been considered by experts as one of the rarest in the Southeast Asia. 

The area of Vuon Vua - Bach Thuy Lake possesses favourable natural conditions, a rich soil environment and a diverse fauna and flora system. The project is developed toward a maximum preservation of the principal natural ecosystem consisting the lotus lake, the bamboo forest and the water surface as well as the development and new plantation of many rare and precious kinds of trees. The super clean vegetable farm called Pizza Farm with all kinds of Northern traditional vegetables and the system of typical fruit trees of the North such as mango, guava, papaw, sugar-apple, persimmon, grapefruit, orange, lime, gold apple, star fruit or jackfruit, in combination with various Vietnamese landscape trees such as palm, areca, bamboo, flamboyant, purging cassia, orchid tree, mountain ebony or baby rose and millions of other types of flower create a landscape area full of regional cultures which is not only artistic and romantic but also ecologically colourful.

Besides, the project is also planned for the development of livestock areas for clean food such as natural fish ponds or areas for boars, buffaloes, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, or doves and for the creation of good living conditions for natural birds such as storks, night herons, painted storks, etc.

With many historical tales and peaceful and gorgeous natural landscape, Vuon Vua Resort & Villa is a resort destination of choice for domestic and international visitors to learn more about Vietnamese featured tradition and culture and for families to spend the weekends relaxing and taking care of their health.


King's Garden Land Amusement Park

King's Garden Land Outdoor Amusement Park has a large scale with Disneyland style design of thrilling games, Water Park and kids’ zone. King's Garden Land and the resort and villas areas create a top amusement and resort complex in the region, bringing perfect holidays for travelers.


The farm area

In the farm, there are several types of animals for clean food such as: boars, piglets, goats, ostriches, domestic ducks, mallard ducks, muscovy duck geese, chickens, doves or fish (in ponds of over 60 ha) as well as areas for super clean organic & natural vegetables and fruits.

The country game area

In the bursting modern life, sometimes we want to seek for enjoyment in a calm and free area to forget all of the daily worries and tiredness.

Rowing and picking lotus, flying kite, cultivating rice, bailing the fish ponds, taking fishing contests, etc.


The sport area

Mini football pitch, grass-sliding hills, tennis court, golf training area, (Phase 2), cycling path, dog race, horse riding path around the lotus lake (8km)


 “Wonderland” Amusement Area

The area consists of amusement constructions for kids such as: the Fairytale castle, the outdoor dodgem cars yard, the train, the slide, the seesaw, the swing, the spring rider, beach simulation, mountain climbing, the plastic worm tunnel, the 6D cinema, the video game center, the ball house, etc.


The international conference center

The 5-star international conference center is located along the lush lotus pond with large space. With a capacity of nearly 1,000 pax and the latest audiovisual equipment, this is a perfect venue for corporate events, conferences, seminars, buffet & wedding parties, etc.

King's Garden Karaoke Area

King's Garden Karaoke Area consists of: Karaoke room system, Bar, Pub, Discotheque, Restaurant, Conference rooms, Showrooms and Shops.

The community stilt house area

Located on the banks of the lotus lake of large space is the community stilt house, a multi-function complex for organizing conferences and restaurants.  This is also a suitable destination for groups who like community life and pure Vietnamese food.

"European Village" Villa Area

The resort villas for sale and rent have a full range of auxiliary services such as restaurants, central swimming pools or 4-season hot mineral pools. In addition, you also enjoy the entire system of infrastructure, natural landscapes and auxiliary services at resort level.

"Oriental Flower Island" Villa Area

The 5-star Arabian style resort villas located in the middle of the lotus lake will give visitors a private and relaxing experience on the immense lake with an open view of three Ba ​​Vi peaks.

"Lotus Bungalow" Area

Along the lotus lake and on the islands and peninsulas in the lotus lake, the system of villas and bungalows in European country style and French villa style will give visitors a private and relaxing experience on the immense lake with an open view of three Ba ​​Vi peaks. According to the progress of the project stages, there will be more than 300 villas and hundreds of bungalows of these to server travelers and resort real estate investors.

“Mrs. Dau’s House” Area

At the end of the Vietnamese Culture Street is the “Vu Dai Village” Area with 6 earth-wall cottages called “Mrs. Dau’s Houses” adjacent to Pizza Farm clean vegetable garden. In each of the houses, there are 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen in a unique Vietnamese countryside style well-equipped with 3-star standard interior facilities.


“Rich man’s house” Villa Area

The villa area “Rich man’s house” consist of 5 villas in the style of landlord houses of French colonial time with a traditional architecture of 3 compartments and 2 wings with 14 four-star ++ bedrooms;

 “Hanoi Old Quarter” Hotel Area

This is a Hanoi Old Quarter style houses on the Vietnamese Culture Street with 24 super deluxe, twin deluxe and double deluxe rooms of 3-star ++ standard with a typical design of the nostalgic Hanoi old streets.



“Western Street” Villa Area

On the Vietnamese Culture Street, there is also the “Western Street” Villa Area with 24 suite and deluxe room of 4-star ++ standard with good view to the lotus lake, the swimming pool and the garden.



“Lotus buffet & café" European restaurant cluster

The cluster consists of a large restaurants and several octagonal small bars in European architecture. “Sen Buffet & Café” has a capacity of nearly 200 pax.





The center and local swimming pools area

The center and local swimming pools system: Outdoor swimming pool & 4-season hot mineral pool. The villas and bungalows all have mini swimming pools in the garden.

* The outdoor swimming pool: the pool is nearly 700 m2, constructed in international standard with the system of surrounding auxiliary area such as Pool Bar, rain spray rigs or flower trusses in European Renaissance style.

* The internal hot mineral pool: the French architecture design with open space in all directions will give visitors the experience of deep relaxation in the hot mineral pool while enjoy the landscape right at the windows.


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