Free medical examination, and medicine for 150 students in Tam Nong

On March 12, 2017, the Children of Peace International (COPI) carried out a program of free medical examination, and medicine for 150 students of Thanh Uyen Primary School, Tam Nong District.

Thank to enthusiasm spirit of physicians from 115 Hospital in Ho Chi Minh city, doctors and the Board of Directors of COPI, and volunteers, 150 students were instructed how to wash hands, daily oral hygiene. Moreover, the program included General health check, Dental care, free medicine, gifts giving (school supplies, toiletries, toys).

Earlier, in the meeting with the Phu Tho Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Thanh Binh Rybacki, Overseas Vietnamese in the U.S, Chairman of COPI sincerely thanked  the coordination, and supports of the Department in preparation and implementation of the program and projects in the province. At the same time, she hoped that the organization could continue to implement the sponsorship program for poor students, as well as the annual charitable programs carried out by COPI.

By Quang Dang

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